Hey I'm kamri. I am something like an average teenager you would meet.


I have a very complicated family. Most of my life I was raised by a single mother with no clue of my dad. During those 8 years of being raised with no help my mom struggled to raise me and my siblings. When my dad got home I thought it would be fun, and finally I could live in a happy home. Well that didn't happen; it was the total opposite. My dad made our lives a living nightmare. Even though I could tell my mom was trying to save our family, her attempts turned into an epic failure.

With both of my parents on the clock 24/7, I was basically craving attention from them, but they wouldn't seem to notice. With  constantly being  ignored, that caused me to act out in school,be disrespectful,and cause trouble everywhere I go. I'm guessing my dad noticed he wasn't paying me enough attention, so he decided to buy me anything I wanted to take my mind off being basically neglected. But sorry to say, money doesn't buy my happiness. 

These are my thoughts and moods every single day and no teenage girl should feel that way.

I think i'm a good actor  because everyday I put on a fake smile.


As you can see in the previous slide those are my friends. I don't have many friends but the ones I have are very special too me and I wouldn't trade them for the world. We might have ups and downs but at the end of the day they have my back no matter what and I will forever be grateful for them.


These are my bestfriends in the whole world!!! They know absolutely everything about me. I feel so comfortable around them and when I look at them I feel as if I've known them my whole life but in reality I've only known them since August. It's weird how they get on my nerves everyday but i still wouldn't leave them alone if someone paid me all the money in the world.

cheerleading days........


I am not the most athletic girl or the best player on my team and I can admit that,but I can admit I try my best at everything  I attend. In 2nd grade I tried out to be a cheerleader but I didn't make the team and that made me very upset, but I never gave up I tried out every year until 4th grade when I finally made it. 4th-6th grade I cheered with a competition team.  

About myself.(* _*)

 I am a black African American girl with puffy curly hair and big brown eyes. I am a very misunderstood girl. Most people see me as very aggressive person,possibly dumb, and would most likely spend her future in jail but the truth is I just don't want to be attached to anyone or anything cause things could go badly any minute and cause my family moves 3 times a year. I might not act as smart as i actually am but i'm making honor roll and and possibly elected for 3 pre-ap classes and I have ambitions to attend college and graduate as an agricultural major and be a vet. 

Shadydale elementary 


I mean school is alright but some kids don't care too much for it. Unlike me im stuck between liking it and hating it cause teachers give me work i don't care too much for. But I have ambitions so i will continue school till I graduate.

I am Kamri E'lynn Hickerson born 11:25:02 now put some RESPECK on my name.

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I'M kamri.

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