Welcome Back!

Registration Day

Thursday, August 4th

9 am - 12 pm


Class Lists will be posted at the following locations:

*  Front of the building

* Third Grade Hallway

* Car Rider Lane

* Eclass Page




.... if someone comes to your room that is NOT on your list, send them to the cafeteria!

If they are not on your list but have a green slip they can stay!



  Parent Verification Form

  Parents must initial that they have verified all information

We must have a signed form from EVERY parent

Students NEW to Nesbit (green slips) will not be required to complete this form

Free and Reduced Lunch


available on your classroom computer so that parents may complete the application before leaving your room.  Labs will also be available, but you need to stress the importance!

Transportation Verification

Does the bus information agree with what is on the parent verification form? 

Record how each of your students is arriving and departing from school on your transportation log! 

Who 'ya gonna call? 

Parents who 

did NOT attend 


should be called by 

FRIDAY at 8:00AM

Confirm AM/PM transportation and address

Let's wrap it up!


1. Call parents who did not attend Open House

2. Place teacher name on top of all forms

3.  Alphabetize all forms

4.  Return Parent and Transportation Verification  forms to the front office by Friday 8am.

5. Report all known transportation discrepancies to the front office 

- by Friday 8am     &

- by Monday  at  9am 

All staff members who do NOT have a homeroom classroom, please remain in the cafeteria for a short meeting!

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Registration Day

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