Human impact on the environment

By: Timberlee & Kirby 

Human impact 

Acid Rain

  • ruins statues
  • comes from pollution in the air 
  • occurs mostly near rain forests
  • ruins trees and plants, and also habitats for animals.  

Hoover Dam

  • completed in 1935
  • built on the Arizona and Nevada border 
  • built to provide water and hydroelectric power 
  • holding water from the Colorado River  
  • $5 million dollars to build 

BP Oil Spill 

in 2010

  • happened in 2012 
  • 4.9 million barrels (around 206 million gallons)
  • Gulf of Mexico 
  • approximately 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana  

Environmental Impact

Tsunami (Japan)

  • 1946 tsunami devastated Honshu Japan
  • 20 foot high waves 

Hurricane (Matthew)

  • at least 3 deaths in Georgia and South Carolina 
  • October 1 it reaches a category 5 with 160 mph winds 
  • In Bahamas on Oct. 5-6, category 3 and 4 hurricane 

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