-My name is Josselin Caballero.

-I am a Hispanic female.

-My whole family is Salvadorian

-I was born

 in the hospital East Regional in Houston, tx at 7:30 August, 10, 2003


I have 4 sisters /and 7 people including me live in my house. I am really close to my family, really close to my sisters mostly to Jessica she is 16 even though we are 4 years apart we are always together and we basically tell eachother everything we all tell each other mostly everything we communicate very well. My oldest sister is 19 then 17 then 16 me and then my baby sister who is 4. I never met my grandpas but I know they passed away in El Salvador and I wish I had met them and they wouldn't have died before I was born but I know that they are now in a better place.

. I am sad most of the time and i dont know how to control it and it is really hard and it just makes me mad but i am just so wrapped around it and i cant get happiness out of it and its so hard to hide it when it keeps getting worse. It is really hard for me to make eye contact because i just get so scared and worried of my flaws and I am just so afraid to be judged even if i say that I don't care what people think. And no matter how hard it is i can't give up I have to keep trying.

Why this song describes me is because once i was so scared to tell the world who was without being judged i would just stay silent and i would never talk

I was so paranoid of saying something wrong, its just feeling lonely when you know your not alone but yet i know no one will understand what i am feeling unless they've been through it.I Try to stay really positive but its really hard when theres no good side to things you are dealing with. I don't judge anyone because who am I to judge. If you don't know someone's story you can't say anything about them, because you don't know anything about them.You cannot be afraid to be who you are because you are you and no one can take that away from you.We can't judge peoples choices without understanding they're reasons.

My favorite teacher.

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Story of my life

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