The Invention of the Balloon 

Invented by: Professor Michael Faraway 

Invented in: 1824 

Presented by: Enrique Mendez 

The purpose of the balloon varies on the type of balloon. The hot air balloon was used for travel across the country by humans, the simple rubber helium balloons were used during parties, and military balloons (also known as blimps) were used during training and combat.

Each balloon functions the same. They are filled with helium which is lighter than air itself, and the hot air balloon has the burner which heats the helium inside of it. This is what makes these things float.

The balloon actually was beneficial in a lot of ways. They allowed the military access to other methods of attack during battle. Everyone else could enjoy riding in the hot air balloon but the balloon is mainly known for entertainment during parties! 

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The Balloon

by kiki9603


Public - 9/12/16, 11:45 PM