In the Digital Age

 As a college student, I am constantly on the look out for the cheapest and fastest way to make dinner. 

Cookbooks are a good resource, but it is highly efficient (and free) to type into Google "fast, cheap recipes" and immediately have access to recipes from around the world. 

Having an account with a recipe website is also very useful because the website will use data form your digital footprint to customize your home page. For instance, I currently have a lot of sushi and fish recipes because those items were my most recent searches on the site. yum. 

The website relies on crowdsourcing. This means that your friends, food companies, and strangers from all around the world can contribute and share their recipes with you. It's fun to see where your food is coming from. I recently used a recipe from a woman's mom in Japan, which made my meal feel authentic and home-like.

The sharing possibilities are endless. I can share a recipe with one friend, through email, or with many, by posting the recipe on my Facebook. Although one person makes the recipe, others contribute to it through comments. For instance, some will give tips or substitutions for an expensive ingredient. This means that the recipe can be also be made and shared from many to many, making this process a perfect example of poly-directionality.

Overall, the online recipe world is a great example of how foodies like me can get their fix with an endless supply of recipes. However, there really is nothing like jotting down grandma's recipe on a napkin because it's a secret and she's only going to say it once. There is a certain sanctity in hoarding those handwritten, secret family recipes. But, grandma has taken an interest in the iPad, so you never know. Nevertheless, it is a great example of the characteristics of digitalization, especially those of the digital footprint, mass customization, poly-directionality, and crowdsourcing. 

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Public - 5/5/16, 7:08 PM