The Digital Marketing Canvas


Jeremy Corman 


Here's the plan...

1) Concept   

2) Process   

3) Use case 

4) Bonus      

5) Q&A          

What's your current digital marketing strategy?

We lack a clear language and method to discuss, analyse, improve, and create digital marketing strategies.


From then until the 20th century, the word "strategy" came to denote "a comprehensive way to try to pursue political ends, including the threat or actual use of force, in a dialectic of wills" in a military conflict, in which both adversaries interact.

The battlefield

The Digital Marketing Canvas




Marketing Fundamentals

The Digital Marketing Canvas




Online customer lifecycle

(or digital customer journey)

Ground rules

Never write over a canvas

Use sticky notes

Don't use bullet points on sticky notes

How to use the DMC?

1) Mobilize       

2) Understand 

3) Design          

4) Execute        

5) Manage       

The Marketing Fundamentals

What makes you better and different?

What gets you up in the morning?

Do you have a dream?

What comes first to your mind when you think about the brand?

Identify your most valuable customers

SWOT analysis?

Market share?



Have you met Dave?

Dave McClure

Founder of 500 Startups

Active player of ultimate frisbee

But inventor of "AARRR" model

Online customer lifecycle in 5 blocks

How to use the AARRR model?

SEM, SEO, SEA, PR, biz dev, direct mail, TV, radio, emails, social networks, blog,...

Marketing channels:

- largest-volume (#)

- lowest-cost (€)

- best-performing (%)

Growing on the back of someone else

Mature platform/channels: where money is king

- SEA: let's bid on words that matter

- Paid display/bannering: you are more likely to survive a plane crash than click a banner ad

- SEO: let's be technically compliant

Emerging platform/channels: where content is king and context is queen

- Social media

* B2C: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat,…

* B2B: LinkedIn

* B2B-B2C: Youtube

- On-demand streaming music: Spotify, Deezer,…

Figuring out channels with: high value, high conversion and low cost

Growing from your existing users base

When they get a grasp of your value proposition

This is the part *you* have to figure out.

Maybe go back to the BMC?

Think about:

- lifecycle email @ +3, +7, +30

- status emails weekly/monthly

- event-based emails as they occur automation.

Let's go!

Bonus #1

Create a predictable and scalable sales funnel

Cold Email

1: Open

2: Read

3: Respond

4: Follow-up

Step 1: Open your email (subject)

* Subject lines are key ; focus 80% on them, 20% on content

* Write like a human (no caps, no marketing speak)

* Be personal & brief (use names, test questions?)

* Raise curiosity

* Deliver what you promise

Step 2: Read your email (content)

* Be personal & brief (no longer than 2 paragraphs)

* Structure:

1) Who is this?

2) Why should I keep reading?

3) What is the value for me?

4) Is this credible?

5) What are the next steps?

Step 3: Respond to your email (call to action)

* Every email needs a strong call to action

* Make it creal that you're talking to me

* Eliminate decisions / complexity / choice

* Click this link or/and hit reply and answer my request/question

Step 4: Follow up

* What's your follow up strategy? (before sending the 1st email)

* Personal: binary - Yes/No. I follow up till I get a result

* Automated: 4-6 follow ups

* Tool:,,, Mixmax

How to get almost anyone's email address

* LinkedIn (for in depth profile info)

*,, Email Hunter, LeadFuze

* Rapportive (test email syntax variations)

Cold Email 2.0 (Predictable Revenue, Aaron Ross)

* 1-2 levels above your decision maker

* Very brief

* Ask for referral down in the org

* 10-30% success rate

Bonus #2

LinkedIn + MailChimp plain-text campaigns


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