The Tlingit and Huron 

Trey Wilken

CP English 2

Period 1

Tlingit Creation Story Summary

A white raven created a world in darkness to help other creatures. There was very little food and fresh water so the raven gathered things to make the world a good place to live. In the process, raven was turned black when he was stuck in a chimney and forever stayed that way. 

Huron People Summary

There was only water in the beginning. A woman then fell from the sky. Before she hit the ground, loons caught her. A toad went under water to get soil for the woman to lay on. He barely succeeded. The woman rubbed the soil on a turtle's back and it grew to create earth. 

She died giving birth to two boys.The sons were to grow up to create humans to populate the Earth. They argued and each brother took part of the Earth to prepare. The good brother mde useful animals that will help humans. The bad brother made animals that would harn the humans. After a very long time of fighting, the good brother took the other's life. When he died, the evil brother said that when the humans die, they will go the the "far west" to dwell for the rest of time.


Both had creators. They both had a bad and good guy. Both had animals and humans.


Huron- Had two sons and a divine woman to create resources for their people. Had more than one creator.

Tlingit- A raven was the creator. Gathered all the resources his people would need.


Overall, both stories are pretty similar. All creation stories kind of are. There is almost always a creator, and animals usually come before humans. How exactly was the world created? Maybe one of these stories are correct, maybe they aren't. But these are their beliefs and not ours. 

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