Instagram and Digitization


Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing a series of photos and videos either privately or publicly. It's a way of connecting more with friends by seeing their lives through pictures.

With over 400 million monthly active users, a total of 30 billion photos and 3.5 billion daily likes, Instagram appeals more for the younger crowd.

Death of Distance

Communication between people all over the world is simple through Instagram. One can see another's photo in a different state or country. It doesn't matter one's location since a user's Instagram feed and profile can be reached anywhere around the globe.

Distance and Instagram Relationships

Timeless Time

With Instagram, users can post pictures of their lives at any time of the day. The user's followers do not have to instantly like and comment the photo right when it is posted, but rather they can on their own time (asynchronous). If they want to converse in real time, Instagram features direct message which allows one-on-one private messaging.


Instagram can show a person what posts they would like to see. Through algorithmification, a user's feed is already customized to the user so that it caters to his/her interests. For example, mechanization and processing will search out and suggest specific profiles based on who the user is already following. Instagram uses algorithmification to expand more interest on what it thinks its users actually like.


1) Many to one: Instagram followers are able to like and comment on the latest post of a profile that they all follow.

2) One to many: A user can post a photo that can be seen by his/her followers or anyone (assuming it is a public profile).

3) One to one: There is a direct message feature that allows a user to privately send pictures or messages directly to another user.


Instagram is growing more popular among younger generations, right behind Facebook and Twitter. The ability to share personal details through snapshots of a person's life allows for connection with anyone in the world, at any time.

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