Team Knolledge

What are we going to look at?

- team fun facts

 - the team members

- awesome team projects

The team:


- both team members make quizzes for us to take

- Simon's quizzes are generally policy base

- keeps the team sharp on popular topics

- Pawel's quizzes are for fun focused around games

- Gives us all a chance to geek out!

Team building

- Adventure team building

- Breaking the da vinci code in Cork city

- Solved puzzles and clues to progress

- Great time was had by all.

Tech videos

- Initiative by Mica to help improve tech support

- Picks a popular topic

- Has great metaphors to help explaining things to customers.

- Expanded further than our team to help many.

Upserve initiative

- We really wanted to drive our focus on Upserve.

- Started tracking our upserves on our team board

- Driving each week to better the previous week

- Really gave focus to the team and we improved greatly.

Overwatch initiative

- Drive team engagement

- Review team members work in team meetings

- See what a great job team members are doing

- Gave us greater visibility into each others work

Office decorations

- Detailed sculptures

- Entrance to 5th floor

- Race emblems on the roof of the atrium, ongoing

Birthday initiative

- Drove initiative to give everyone cake!

- Took note of everyones favourite cake and birth date

- Brings the perfect cake along to celebrate.

- Delicious! 

Cooking circle

- Spend time together and share culture

- Cook meals for team mates

D&D circle

- Spend time together outside of work time.

- Introduce some team members to a new game

- Great time learning and playing together

Interview initiative

- Practice interviews and interview technique

- Prepare for future positions

- Great learning process

Team stats

- Present team stats.

- Multimedia! Team board/email/team meeting

- Improve visibility and have focus on how we are doing.

Team shadowing/coaching


Treasure hunt with Elise Starseeker

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