Humans and the Environment: 

Making an Impact

Human Impact

How we have impacted our Earth

in the past years

The Panama Canal and It's Life-changing Cut-Through

Though it may seem small, the Panama Canal is more important than you may think.

Humans have affected this area by having carved out a channel, or canal, through the thinnest part of Panama. This allows for new routes in shipping and traveling by ship, and provides a major cut-through from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.

Video About the Panama Canal

Chernobyl - The Worst Nuclear Meltdown in History

Chernobyl is a nuclear location in Pripyat, Ukraine.

Humans impacted this particular location when the scientists at the nuclear plant, Chernobyl, decided to do tests on one of the reactors. The tests caused the reactor to explode, filling the air with radiation and toxic waste.

Most people didn't evacuate, because no one was aware of the tons of deadly radiation in the air. To this day, anyone who lived there during that time have gotten deadly doses of radiation poisoning, and most will die or have died of cancerous related illness. 

Scientists predict that no one will be able to live within a one hundred  mile radius for at least 20,000 years. Yikes!

A Video on Chernobyl (from an actual person who was there!)

Deforestation and What it is Doing to Our Planet

Deforestation is pretty much like what it sounds like - undoing forests, essentially.

In many places (but in this case, I'm focusing on the Amazon in Brazil), forests are being burned, chopped and destroyed, for many different reasons.

  • For farmland
  • In protest against new laws or for other reasons
  • To make way for urban and suburban lands

Deforestation may not seem like a really terrible thing to some, but it is actually REALLY bad, in many ways than one:

  • By cutting and burning trees, we are destroying the main sources for our life-giving oxygen!
  • We are making disputes worse, and the more we cut down, the angrier the "offenders" will get, and the more trees will cut down by the offended - nothing will get better!
  • All of the smoke from the burning of our forests clogs the sky with smoke and smog, causing a blanket to be formed by it, as well as all the other forms of pollution made from creating new urban and suburban lands - this is called the Greenhouse Effect by the way, and its also known as global warming!
But besides any of these, unless the wood is being used, all of these trees GO TO WASTE.

No one ever uses it! Which is why deforestation is such a big deal, especially in Brazil, where the Amazon is slowly disappearing due to deforestation.

A Video On The Destruction of the Amazon

Environmental Impact

(How the environment has impacted us in recent years)

Hurricane Sandy - One of the Worst Hurricanes in  History

+In 2012, a hurricane made headlines as "the worst hurricane of the year."

Hurricane Sandy has been one of the worst hurricanes in history, and affected the southern and eastern coasts massively:

  • Hundreds of people were killed, injured, or lost in the storm
  • Millions of dollars in damage were dealt
  • Tons of vegetation was decimated in the flooding that took place
All of these added together equaled tons of terrible flooding and destruction.

Hurricane Sandy Summed Up In News Reports and Interviews

The Ring of Fire and 

The Ring of Fire - a partial ring of sometimes deadly active volcanoes, all located on a crack in the Earth's tectonic plates.

From pressure under the ground, volcanoes form, and so the Ring of Fire was created.

It may be a song by Johnny Cash, sure (yes, look it up, its kind of cheesy), but the Ring of Fire is nothing involving love and stuff like the song describes (yeah... did I mention its cheesy?).

People have died in catastrophic volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, which can destroy peoples homes, their crops, and their cities and towns, particularly in Southeast Asia, as my example, where there was an earthquake on the Ring of Fire in Japan. Luckily, no one was seriously harmed, which is amazing within itself!

A Video On an Earthquake in Southern Japan

That's it! Hope this wasn't too terrible, and that you learned something new! Thanks for checking it out.

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Humans and the Environment - Making an Impact

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