Road Maps and the Transformation to GPS Systems 

Global Positioning System (GPS): a radio navigation system that allows land, sea, and airborne users to determine their exact location, velocity, and time 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions, anywhere in the world 

Characteristics of Digitization:

Digital footprint

Death of distance

Timeless time 


Digital Footprint 

When using GPS systems, your previous destinations are saved and stored in your history so you can access them at any time. After inputting a destination address, your locations are then stored in a data base so when you start typing a destination that is remotely close to the one you previously stored, it will show you the previous destination as an option to choose.

Death of Distance 

No matter where you are in the world, GPS systems can find your location (depending on how great the service is) and can track how far you need to travel to get to your destination. There is no need to be close to a GPS headquarter location in order to access the information you want. Because information travels almost at the speed of light, you can be anywhere and access the info you are looking for.

Timeless Time 

Because digital technology merges storage and asynchronous time, GPS systems work at any time of the day, you can access them whenever you like. So if you are driving home from a friends house at 3am, you can get directions at that time, there is no specific time frame where you need to access the info.


Algorithmification makes it easier for us to find a destination through a digitalized format. Instead of tracing your finger along a map to find where you want to go, you can plug in an address to a GPS system and instantly get the information you need. The directions provide a list format as well as an "as you go" overview of where you currently are.

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