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Strategy & Positioning

- Starting blogger

- Experience in content I write about

- Engage with followers

- Engage with other bloggers within my field

Goals & Objectives: Long Term

I want to make my name bigger in the basketball world in Europe and the United States and make my blog known in the basketball society. 

Goals & Objectives: Short Term


Get 20 more followers associated with basketball by July 2016.

Get 5 likes on every tweet by August 2016

Have on average 1 person to retweet my posts by August 2016. 

Facebook page

Get 50 people to like my page by July 2016.

Get 10 people who like my posts in July 2016.

Have on average 1 person share my posts by August 2016. 


Get 10 more connections associated with basketball by August 2016.

Join two groups about basketball by July 2016.


Get at least 10 viewers a day after August 2016.


Get 5 people who pin my posts on average by September 2016.

20 people who follow me by August 2016.

- Main hub.

- Want to post once in two weeks.

- Want to show up on first page of google results. 

- Gain viewers by posting and sharing on the other channels.


Measurement and Monitoring

Twitter: Twitonomy

Linkedin: Linkedin

Wordpress: Wordpress analytics

Facebook page: Facebook analytics

Pinterest: Tailwind

Twitter measurement

Linkedin measurement

Wordpress measurement

Facebook page measurement

Pinterest measurement

Content Calender week 1

Content Calender week 2

Content Calender week 3

Google results 

Google results now

Opportunities & Shortcomings

+ Not as many competitors in basketball blogging market

+ Have experience

- A lot of bloggers

- No facts about how many people are interested in my topic

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