The Digitization of the

Personal Stylist

A Personal Stylist



Personal Profile

1. Income

2. Body Type

3. Clothing Preferences 

4. Material Concerns

5. Occasion Use for the Outfit

and is now an ONLINE ENTITY

When I Say Online Entity, I mean its a new force.

Digital Footprint

The relationship between the stylist and the customer, although digital can be intimate. The stylist will know so much about the profile of the customer from income, body type, shopping preferences, and the list goes on.

Once this information is released through digitization, deleting your own profile in different personal shopping apps is possible, but now your information falls into the internet.

Figure to the right, Mona, Amazon's Personal Shopper.

Death of Distance

Now you are able to find a personal stylist through phone apps in mere minutes, eliminating travel time and even physical personal connections. Personal shoppers can be anywhere in the world as they shop through all the online markets.

Timeless Time

In this instance hiring an online personal shopper will lead to these shoppers working on the clock for you, even if you are not available. Nowadays shoppers can video chat or instant message you, while other shoppers can view items in your cart when you're not online.


One on One Personal Shopping

One to Many Personal Shopping - Visa Versa

(Use of multiple stylists depending on your mood)

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