Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunters: Lore and History


Iron Sisters / Silent Brothers

"Ignis aurum probat." (Fire tests gold.)

Founded by Abigail Shadowhunter, Jonathan's older sister.

Female Shadowhunters who forge weapons in the Adamant Citadel.

Also known as Gregori

Founded by David the Silent, Jonathan Shadowhunter's parabatai.

Male Shadowhunters who archive Nephilim history, deal with the dead, and keep the Mortal Instruments in the Silent City.


Downworlders: a term referencing supernatural and hybrid creatures of the Shadow World. Can be seen as the demonic counterpart to Nephilim, who are half angel.

Consists of warlocks, werewolves, vampires, and faeries.



"The Night Children are a wise and careful people. Any plan which draws their ire draws my suspicions."

- Meliorn

Children of the Night are humans who have been infected by a demon disease. Postmortem, their souls are tethered to their bodies by this disease.

Clans Clans are collections of vampires who are loyal to each other.

However, vampires tend to consider all other vampires, to an extent, brethren.

"It is how we are made. We are drained, blooded, and buried. When he digs his own way out of a grave, that is when a vampire is born."

- Raphael Santiago


Lycanthropes or Children of the Moon are humans who have been infected with a demonic disease which allows them to transform into wolves.

Mortal. Werewolves grow old and die in the same manner as humans, though they grow faster.

Are born when a werewolf bites a human, which has a 50% effectiveness, when conceived by two werewolf parents, or by a spell.

Praetor Lupus is the central government of werewolves. Under them are pack leaders, and then the pack. 

Praetor Lupus has set regulations governing an individual's abilities to control themselves. Those who cannot are deemed rogue, regardless of intention. Additionally, they ensure that all new Downworlders find a place in society.


"Do not sign any contracts or agree to any bargains with faeries. Faeries love to haggle but will usually do so only if they are sure they will win. Do not eat or drink anything a faerie gives you. Do not go attend their magical revels under the hills. They will paint a beautiful picture of what awaits you there, but its beauty is false and hollow. Do not tease a faerie about their height. Do not expect direct answers to direct questions. Do expect indirect answers to indirect questions."

- Shadowhunter's Codex

3 main groups: Seelie and Unseelie Courts and the Hunt, led by Gwynn ap Nudd

Unable to lie, the fey have spent centuries perfecting the art of half-truths and omitted fact.

Thought to be fallen angels or the byproducts of demons and angels.

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