Humans are the cause Global Warming 

By: Madi Vaa, Madison Hermanson, Angela Tomczak 

Pro Side: Madi V

Claim: Temperatures are rising, which is causing Global Warming

Evidence 1: Scientific research is finding that marine ecosystems can be far more sensitive to even the most modest temperature change.

Evidence 2: Other organisms affected by temperature change include krill, an extremely important link at the base of the food chain. Research has shown that krill reproduce in significantly smaller numbers when ocean temperatures rise. This can have a cascading effect by disrupting the life cycle of krill eaters, such as penguins and seals—which in turn causes food shortages for higher predators.

Counterargument: Perhaps the ocean organism most vulnerable to temperature change is coral. There is evidence that reefs will bleach (eject their symbiotic algae) at even a slight persistent temperature rise.

Con Side: Madi V

Claim Con: The rising temperatures are not causing Global Warming

Evidence 1: Dropped from ships or airplanes, probes gauging the ocean's conductivity, temperature, and density provide nearly continuous surface-to-bottom measurements at specific times. However, these probes rarely reoccupy an exact location.

Evidence 2: A 2012 Purdue University survey found that 47% of climatologists challenge the idea that humans are primarily responsible for climate change and instead believe that climate change is caused by an equal combination of humans and the environment 

Humans have man made all these objects that most people believe are the cause of global warming. Humans have made factories, and cars, and all these things that have caused global warming.

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