Where & When

  • Black sea
  • Black sea is surrounded by
  1. Bulgaria
  2. Georgia
  3. Romania
  4. Russia
  5. Turkey
  6. Ukraine
  • Took place early October

Main Events In Order

  1. A group of researchers accompanied by Professor Jon Adams from the University of Southampton went to the Black sea to map the sea floor and study the prehistoric landscapes flooded during the last Ice Age
  2. The researchers found 41 perfectly preserved shipwrecks underwater dispersed across roughly 2,000km squared that were from around the 800's to 1,900's
  3. They immediately reported it to archaeologists 
  4. The archaeologists used technology from the university of Southampton to research the shipwrecks while keeping them underwater

How it affects us

This affects us indirectly.

This is happening near Asia and the Europe so we are far away from the event.  Although we are far away from the incident it can still affect us because the information that is found in the shipwrecks can actually help researchers create a new technology which can help us.

Question one:

Do you think this will help in the future to understand the life of humans in the medieval times?

Question two:

How can we help researchers get a deeper understanding on this subject

Question three:

Do you think this changes researchers perspectives about medieval times? If yes how? If no why not?

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