The Science Of Interstellar

Author : Kip Thorne


Interstellar is a Mystery/Science Fiction Film released in November 6 2014 Directed By Christopher Nolan. Christopher Nolan has directed  The Dark Knight series, Inception and many more wonderful movies.

The Movie run time is close to 3 hours.

Ratings are as follows 

Book Brief Information

This book is mainly for people interested in science and or completely confused on what happened in the movie.

It Explains all scenes in detail. 

The book explains theories in mainly physics and astronomy.


Author Kip Thorne Born 1st of June 1940 is an American Theoretical Scientist. He helped the making of the movie by telling them different science theories and thoroughly explaining them.



The book thoroughly explains each scene with perfect detail

but the book isn't that helpful for people that don't understand scientific terminology 

Picture Of one of the last scenes


In Conclusion This is a book based on a movie and fully explains the movie and its scenes.

The book is made by Kip Thorne a Theoretical sicentist based in America. The reason why somebody may get this book is because they are interested in science or astronomy, are confused on what happened in the movie and or are in love with the movie and got the book just for fun

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The Science Of Interstellar

by coh0032


Public - 2/24/16, 10:33 PM