Different quality range adapted to the client 

Additional services inside the car (food, water, personnal music)

Consumer knows how much he's going to pay and when he's going to arrive 

Localisation knowed by both parts (drivers/passengers)

Focus on ACQUIRING TALENT versus just raising investment money

COMPARED the "RED OCEAN" taxis offer with the UNIQUE "BLUE OCEAN" UBER offers

++ Created: I am transported as soon as I need it ,wherever I am, I know where my taxi is, I note my driver.

- Eliminated: The taxi terminal, the radio, call a standard booking, money exchange with the driver, branding "taxi" (neon sign, stickers, etc.)

+ Augmented: Trip more enjoyable and picture (luxury car, driver suit, opens the door, candy, bottled water, etc.), price known in advance.

- Reduced: Price, the driver waiting time.

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