The sport Fencing originated in Spain between 1458 and 1471

 The main object of a fencing is what an individual game is called is to effectively score 15 points in direct elimination. Before he scores that number on you. Each time a fencer scores a touch they receives a point.

Fencing has a player style called player-to-player which means only two people can play at one time.

 A fencing match is usually three minutes

 You score by hitting your opponent with the tip of the saber.

It is an even surface with a left side and a right side. It looks like a rectangle 

You must prepare yourself mentally.There is not a specific technique. You need basic logic. 

 Taking off your mask before the referee says "Halt" is a major one.

You need a mask, chest protector, saber, point, gloves,

 There is professional, Semi-Professional, and armature leagues

 It changed from a deadly sport to a safe sport. It is more popular now. We have changed what we wear to keep us safe. We have changed the blade that we use. 

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