Biathlon in Sweden

Biathlon was found in paintings that dated back to around 3000B.C. Around 400B.C they found Roman,Greek,and Chinese writings that described biathlons.

For each shooting round, the biathlete must hit five targets.Each missed target must be penalized in one of three ways, depending on the competition format:by skiing around a 150 meters penalty loop,by having one minute added to the skiers final time,or having to use an extra cartridge to finish off the target.

All the biathletes start at the same time.There are also individual biathlons where you are skiing and shooting by yourself.Relay races are also done but you are on a team.

Biathletes ski a length of 10 km for men and 7.5 km for women. They have to ski multiple laps and the length varies on what type of race they are doing.

The goal is to get the shortest time wins.Another goal is to shoot all the targets without missing them.If you miss you are penalized.

In a Biathlon competition, the biathlete skis distances varying from 6 to 20 km.Sweden and other places might have shorter or longer distances.

The challenge in biathlon is going from a state of high adrenergic stimulation with rapid breathing, elevated heart rate and sweating to a condition of calm and precise movements.Cadenced breathing is an effective tool for athletes to create calm in the midst of agitation.

If you miss a target you get penalized in the three different ways.That is the only way you can get a penalty.

Biathletes use a lot of equipment.The equipment consists of an arm sling, boots, a clip or magazine, a fore sight and rear sight, a harness, ski poles, ski suit, skis and wax, and a target.

There are professional, amateur, international competition, and Olympic Games for a biathlon.

Biathlons used to only have competitors that had some kind of military background.Now anyone can be in a biathlon.


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