Mass of Neptune:

102,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg compared to earth Neptune is 3.9 times bigger.

Neptune is the 4th largest planet in the Solar System, after Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. It's much larger than the terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. The diameter of Neptune is 49,500 km

How long does

It take to orbit the sun:

164.79 years.Neptune orbits much further away from the Sun than the Earth, so its orbit takes much longer.Almost 165 times longer than Earth takes to orbit the Sun.

How long does it take to rotate once?

15 hours, 57 minutes

Atmospheric information:

It is similar to all large planets, it is mostly composed of hydrogen and helium with trace amounts of methane, water, ammonia and other ices.

Atmospheric pressure of Neptune:

The upper regions of Neptune's troposphere reach a low temperature of 51.8 K (-221.3* C). At a depth where the atmospheric pressure equals 1 bar (100 kPa), the temperature is 72.00 K (-201.15* C)

Temperature information

Neptune has the wildest and strangest weather in the solar system. It has huge storms with extremely high winds. Its atmosphere has dark spots which come and go, and bright cirrus which change rapidly. Neptune has an average temperature of -353 degrees farenheit.

Moon Information:

Triton, Proteus, Larissa, Naiad, Nereid, Despina, Galatea, Thalassa, Halimede, Psamathe, Sao, Neso, Laomedia

I chose this planet because Neptune is my favorite color BLUE.

How Many Spacecrafts have visited Neptune?

NASA'S Voyager 2

Image of Voyager 2:


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