Originate and year 

It began in the ancient Greece Olympic games in 776 B.C. 

Rules for track 

They have to be in the right starting position and can't touch in front of the starting line. All of the races are started with the fire of a gun. 

Middle distance races- They have to stay in the lane they started in until lines on the track tell them they can move. 

Sprint race-They have to stay in their lane the whole race.

The winner is the last person to cross the finish line. 

Rules for field

They do vertical jumps, a bar is set up and they have to jump over it without knocking it off. If they miss 3 times, they lose. The bar keeps getting raised after everyone has had a turn, until there is only one person left. 


The number of players is different for each event. For the running event, it depends on how many lanes are on the track. 

Length of game

It all depends on who finishes first. 


The athletes get points for each event and they are added up for the team in the end. 

Track dimensions

400 meters around

8 lanes 


Keep your arms moving

Keep your mind on the race

Correct posture

start strong the first 100 meters

Penalties: If they go over the line before the race starts, they are disqualified 



Running suit

or running shorts

Leagues and competitions

IAAF world championship




It came from the Ancient Greek olympics. It used to be only one running event called Stadion

Track and Field 



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