my life story

when I was born in Austin but I was born early when my mom was just 16 years old.

One day I went to Galveston and we went to get food because it was a family vacation. and then the next day we went to a very nice place to eat lunch.


when we came from Galveston on a Sunday morning we went home but it took 2 hours. when we got home we started playing games all day.

 then one day we went to Katy for a family  Reunion and we ate played board games played basketball and other fun things.

A few months after the family Reunion we went to the movies to go see the new batman movie it was so fun that I even got to go bowling at show biz.

I like to spend time with my grandpa because he is way more fun than my dad and mom me and my grandpa went to go to the movies to see jungle book I liked it for a little bit because I just got tired of sitting down from looking at the screen it burned, me and my grandpa always hang out because it is fun to be with him.

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my life

by 55504


Public - 5/18/16, 3:02 PM