Professional Learning Network

Professional Learning Network: Is a system of social connections and resources that help increase learning. It is a system that is very teacher-driven, that promotes independence.

Three reasons for building a PLN in your classroom.

1.You can use it to share information with faculty while also solicit ideas from other people.

2. It can be used to obtain feedback from your peers and other Professionals 

3. It can be used to find resources that can be used in variety of ways in your classroom.

Three tech tools used for building PLN

Classroom 2.0: You can post a profile pic, background information and post resources to your wall.

The Educator PLN: Allows you to post and also allows you to chat with other members instantly.

Edmodo:I similar to Facebook you can create posts and groups and share information with other members.

Students learning expectations are influenced by their teachers approaches and the variety of developments in technology.

Three facts about copyright law 

A copyright notice is no longer required for protection.

E-mail is copyrighted as soon as it is sent or saved.

Copyright protects those portions of a work that are original, that were created.

Facts about fair use.

 Fair use is intentionally open and flexible and its language allows you to apply the doctrine to your own specific fact situations.

Fair use may be applied by individuals or corporations, by commercial and noncommercial entities and in for profit and nonprofit situations

 Fair use is never a certain thing unless a judge in a court of law makes that determination.

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