How much mass does it way?

3.9 times bigger 1.02 x 10 (26 times). If you work it out in would be 102,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg. So to summarize it is 17 times the mass of earth.

How to does it take to orbit the sun?

Neptune orbits the sun once every 164.79 earth years. Or every 60,190 earth days, it also takes 12,253 miles(19,723 km) per hour on its journey around the sun.

What is Neptune  temperature ?

Neptunes temp. day and night is about -353 *F.

The hottest temp. recorded there is -245*F ( scientist say that in 1991 when the temp was that high Neptune could have exploded) 

The coldest temp. recorded was -367*F

Neptune and its Moons.

Neptune has a total of 13 moons           -Triton


-Laomediea.                     ~Proteus


~Nereid.                            -Despina


-Halimeda.                      ~Psamathe


~Sao                  -Galatea

Hubble  photo


 There have only been 2 voyages to Neptune and they have both been  successful. 

The closest we have gotton the Neptune is 40,000,000 miles away.

Fun Facts

* Neptune has 5 rings named after the first 5 pilots who discovered the planet, on the first voyage.

* It is named after the roman god of the sea.


* It is the second largest planet in our solar system.

* Its first moon ( Triton) was discovered 17 days after Neptune was discovered.

Why I chose Neptune.

I chose Neptune because I love it's vibrant blue colors.


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