History of Fashion

19th Century Fashion

In the 19th Century was a growth period for  Britain this had a profound effect on fashion and design. Designers began to look to the East for many ideas on clothing. They looked to places such as China and India for thoughts. Large skirts, corset, bonnets, and petticoats took control of women's fashion

20th Century Fashion

The impact on fashion in the 20th century was cross-cultural and historical influences. Designs, styles, and materials of other places and times became more accessible. This was because of the improvement in travel. It was also affected by the development of cameras so they could get ideas from magazines and books. The outfits consisted of more silk and velvet which was a popular fashion. 

Fashion in the 1920's

During the 20's the American dream revolved around entertainment, and was full of crime and prohibition. Short hair became the style and wearing makeup came into the mix.The flapper style was known as the boyish style. This was because of the short hair and showing off legs.

Fashion in the 1930's

Women in the 30's focused on glamour. They returned back to their ladylike looks. Dresses focused on showing off their curves. Taking examples from movie stars, lower backs were shown in a sexy yet sophisticated way. There was a business influence because of the two piece outfits beginning to be worn more often. Women started wearing scarves around their heads to hold the hair in place.

Fashion in 1940's-50's

During the war, there was a time of rationing so women's clothes were made much cheaper. Utility clothing was a big thing, and wearing suits came into play.  After the war, women wanted to get away from the utility clothing. The new style emphasized bust, hips, and waist reasserting sexuality.  Full skirts were worn with petticoats and a buster. 

Fashion in 1960's-70's

During the 60s your style was based off of the social group you were in. The hippies wore clothes that expressed themselves. Bell bottoms and t-shirts were worn everyday.  The Mods was a lifestyle choice. Women wore short hair, little makeup, and flat shoes. The Rockers wore leather jackets and black jeans. In the 70's hotpants and all different lengths in skirts came into play. Glam rock also inspired a lot of the outfit choices.

Fashion in 1980's-90's

With the rise of more powerful women, wearing suits became known as social wear.  Sweaters tied around the waist and leather pants also became a very big thing. The look of your bra being seen was encouraged by Madonna. Exercise clothing also became big with all of the talk about healthy living. In the 90's they took influence from the 60's and 70's. The style became more casual and bootleg pants and platform shoes came back. Tunics were big and later long skirts came back.

Fashion in 2000's- Present

A lot of the fashion began right when tragedy struck New York. The style in the beginning was casual. Galaxy dresses and wrap dresses became big based off of the movie stars that wore them. Ugg boots came back and tighter dresses came into the mix. Track suits were a big thing espcially because stars such as Paris Hitlon wore them. Boho chic became a favorite style by most. Calvin Klein was one of the many famous designers.

Difference Between Fashion in the US than in England

In Europe dressing in bright colors isn't something that is done usually. Their outfits are said to be more put together than the outfits in the US. Europeans feel as though you should spend a lot more on something to get a nice look. Men's pants are a lot tighter compared to the pants for men here. Their style of fashion is more organized, and doesn't consist of a lot of yoga pants and sweatpants. 

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The History of Fashion

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