Forest Fires of Kalimantan

Every year there are forest fires in palm fields which spread ashes which cause pollution all around habitats of ours and animals such as orangutans, breeding birds, etc. The smoke and pollution flow till Singapore. This spreads around Indonesia. For nearly two months, haze from forest and peat land fires in Sumatra and Borneo have choked vast expanses of Southeast Asia. The environmental disaster is fueling major health concerns and is estimated that it will cost over $30 billion, from investigating the illegal forest blazes and firefighting to medical care and other health issues.

 And people who cause these fires don't care what and how it will affect them, nature and other people. 

A food chain in Kalimantan which I think is the most important are the food chain of orangutans. Orangutans are endangered species all because of our globally effecting activities like poaching and deforestation. Their habitats are being destroyed day by day for furniture. This is deforestation. Orangutans will think of us as murderers. They also have their rights to live. Just because we need fancy furniture doesn't mean we destroy everything of theirs and take it for our own good. We don't even think what will happen in the future, we just care about ourselves. They have been endangered for a long time without any notice by us. We have to keep them safe. Even trees are being destroyed, those are the sources which produce oxygen for us to breathe and now we are destroying them. So now what we are doing will affect our future.  


Orangutans are kind and gentle species which mean no harm to us or anything. They have a bunch of predators which will die if the orangutans do such as the tigers in Sumatra which are continuously hunting the orangutans down. A century ago there were 230,000 orangutans in Indonesia and ever since the growth of the population of Indonesia and the need of resources the logging companies have been increasing the number of trees and plant s cut down each day. And now because of the deforestation there are only estimated to be about 67,000-45,000 orangutans left. Now you realize the growth and the affect of our destruction. The space we use by cutting the trees down to build things will be the amount of consequences is what I believe. 


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Forest Fires

by akshatoza


Public - 9/10/16, 2:28 AM