To endorse or not to endorse CFR.. that is the question

The Campaign

Donations & Being Rich perks:

Hillary vs Trump

Point 1

In today’s modern elections, money dictates the race. Where often it leaves out the better and less resourced candidates out.

ex. Trump

Point 2

Candidates with multi-million dollar checks are able to control the elections as well as crush opponents that don’t have similar resources.

ex. Hillary vs Bernie

Cons of CFR





Pros of CFR

More Time on Policy Work:

Candidates would no longer need to spend the majority of their time trying to increase their resources from private sources, but instead have more time to spend on actual governmental work and contact with their audience.

Quality over Quantity 

Equal start among the candidates. No longer will one rise to office for being rich or famous, but rather they will rise to office because of their competent skills in the field.

Democracy instead of Oligarchy

Today’s government and politics shouldn’t be a reflection of a minority of this country, but rather it is suppose to be a representation of the country’s ideology, beliefs, and core values.

Money ≠ Politics

Money plays such an enormous role in politics these days, that it overshadows the true essence and purpose of what politics are

Thank You 


The Campaign. Directed by Jay Roach. Screenplay by Chris Henchy. Performed by Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. United States: Warner Bros Pictures, 2012. Film.

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