What´s unique about Elías Jabbe's contribution to your agency

(Award-winning) English as native language for written content: 

view my portfolio at Elias213.Contently.com

As an award-winning veteran global journalist I have the ear—and—respect of journalists at Tier 1 outlets (CNN, New York Times, etc.) in all 3 continents I've lived in and secured media coverage in for my clients

Strong knowledge of cultures, media and Arabic dialects in MENA thanks to travel, education and professional projects in Egypt, KSA, Morocco, Tunisia, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman and Turkey

Learn more about me at Elias213.com, on my CV (on the next page of these slides) 

and on LinkedIn at Linkedin.com/in/EliJabbe. You can email me at Hi@Elias213.com

My CV is downloadable at: bitly.com/EliasJabbe-Resume

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Elías Jabbe Elias213.com. Californian in Dubai

by elias213


Public - 9/27/16, 6:39 AM