Aspects of Digitization in a Romantic Relationship 

Digital footprints in the form of screenshots

The relationship starts off perfectly. The girl decides to screenshot the image of the text messages and send it to all of her friends

Death of distance

Through Skype and Facetime the couple can both see and hear each other even though thy attend different colleges and they are separated by distance.

Media Richness Selection

It is good to be able to select the media used to communicate. A serious matter comes up that needs to be talked through. One partner decides the relationship is no longer desired, so he calls the other partner. In this situation a call is more appropriate than a text message. 

Exposure Selection

If for some reason the relationship ended badly, and one partner wants to "block" the other person on social media sites such as Facebook. Whether this is to create separation or for other reasons, it is helpful to be able to control privacy settings. 

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