The Fundamentals of Caring


  • The Fundamentals of Caring was written and directed by Rob Burnett. This movie was based on the novel " The Fundamentals of Caring" by  Jonathan Evison written in 2012.



A writer who retired after the tragic loss of his son became a caregiver to a teenage boy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  


An 18-yr old boy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He is angry and difficult in the beginning, making life hard for his caregiver Ben. Throughout the story, we see that he pushes people away to avoid attachment. 


A  troubled young teenager who ran away from home and is hitchhiking her way to Colorado to restart her life after her mother died. She later becomes the love interest of Trevor. 


Trevor's over-protective mother who allows Ben and Trevor to take an impromptu road trip to see the World's Deepest Pit. She works in a bank and was transferred to the United States from the United Kingdom. 


A pregnant woman who is traveling cross country to visit her mother when her car breaks down. Ben, Trevor, and Dot pick her up off the side of the road and joins the road trip. 


Ben is a retired writer who lost his son in a car accident and his wife is trying to divorce him two years after their loss. Looking for a new job, he takes a class to become a caregiver. Ben becomes the caregiver of Trevor, an 18-yr old teenager with  Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He is difficult, angry, and is fascinated with America's craziest and weirdest roadside attractions.  Ben asks if he wanted to go and see some of them but Trevor refuses, as he is afraid to be too far from home. Elsa, Trevor's mother, eventually lets them go on the trip to see the world's largest pit while she is on a business trip. 

While on the trip, Trevor asks Ben to take him to go see is his father, who abandoned him at the age of three when he was diagnosed,  in Utah. Along the way, they encounter Dot,  a teenage runaway who wants to restart her life in Colorado. She forms an immediate bond with Trevor and decides to join them on their journey to the world's deepest pit. 

Soon after, they find Peaches, a pregnant woman on the way to see her mother, on the side of the road with a broken down car. She joins them and they stop for the night at a hotel. At the hotel, Trevor asks Dot on a date, she accepts and they go to a diner across the street while Ben and Peaches watch from their room at the hotel. When they finally make it to Trevor's father's car dealership and confront him, his father informs him that he remained distant while his mother wrote him the letters. 

Plot Cont.

With the new information, Trevor feels hurt and tells Ben that he  wants to go home. Dot, however, decides that thanks to fate, she is stuck with them until she sees the world's deepest pit and decides that they will continue on. At the pit, Peaches goes into labor. Ben delivers the baby while he is having flashbacks of his son's death. After parting ways with Peaches and Dot, they make it home. Ben signs the divorce papers and quits as Trevor's caretaker but they still remain friends. 

The Disabled Person as Their Own Worst and Only Enemy

Trevor is his own worst enemy. He doesn't necessarily feel bad about himself but he doesn't live an active life. For example, he likes to stay home and go to the park once a week during a certain time. He is secluded and does only what he knows. He also only eats two waffles and a sausage. He could explore more if he would just allow himself to try new things.  

The Disabled Person as Super Cripple

Trevor is a Super Cripple because of how normal his life is and how "normal" he is. He still gets out of bed every morning, eats by himself, goes to the park, still has his humor, and dreams. 


  • The best part of my work on this assignment is the plot description because of how detailed the review is. I believe that I was very thorough in my detailed description.
  • The part I would spend more time on, if I had it, is describing Disabling Imagery in the Media because I feel like I could go into more detail about how Trevor fits into these categories. 
  • Something from the course that this assignment clarified for me is that there are many different ways that disabled people are portrayed in the media. 
  • Questions I still have after doing this assignment are based on the Disabling Imagery in the Media article  because the examples in the article weren't very clear. 
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