Twitter's Characteristics of Digitalization Story

By: Savanna Solian

Death of Distance

First of all, Twitter has created a death of distance, with the "What's Trending" page on Twitter we now know what everybody is talking about right when it happens so there is no more need for information to travel in a certain amount of time on boat or train. For instance a "5.9 earthquake hit Richmond Virginia and those in New York read about it on Twitter 30 seconds before it happened." According to our lectures, "space and time collapse" when information travels at the speed of light. 


Twitter also comes with poly-directionality in that we see information passed from one to one in direct messaging, one to many on public tweets, many to one when people like somebody's tweet, and many to many when people gather to talk about one thing such as with a hashtag. To the right we see everybody who is connected by the internet and the broad directions which could interact. One example of many to one directionality is when a person reads a survey about the presidential election where many have given their opinion.

Coming Together: Space of Flows 

Twitter has brought together the characteristics of digitalization such as the death of distance, poly-directionality, and network structures. Altogether, this created a space of flows. The resulting space of the Twitter site is determined by where you are in the network and it is important. The space of flows for Twitter is vast and accessible to those with an account. 

To Conclude: 

We can see that Twitter's digitalization characteristics are related but quite different. They all come together to create a space of flows on the web which has a place for everybody and anybody who wants one, thus including the entire society not just from a certain area but effectively connecting the entire world. 

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Public - 7/13/16, 6:33 PM