Dear historians,

      Have you ever stopped to wonder who invented some of the items you use every day?  Well, today you will discover that we can thank the ancient Egyptians for many ideas.  Get ready to find out exactly which inventions came from Egypt!

Your tour guide,

Mrs. Harris  

Lesson Vocabulary

Words to Know:



Words You'll Learn More About:

Water Clock



Hieroglyphics (Hieroglyphs)

Learning Goals

Let's Talk Contributions!

In today's lesson you will learn how the contributions of ancient Egypt have influenced the world today.

Ancient Egyptian Writing

The ancient Egyptians used a form of picture writing known as hieroglyphics.  Find out more about how it was used by clicking the link below!

Let's Learn More!

Let's Recap

1. What is a contribution?

2.  What Egyptian contributions can you name?

3.  How do contributions from the past influence life today?

Your Task: Academic Choice

1.  Answer the question in your s.s. notebook: 

What do you think was ancient Egypt's most important contribution?  Support your answer with at least 2 reasons.

I think Egypt's most important contribution was ____________________ because...

2. Divide a page of your s.s. notebook into 2 sections.  In each section draw a picture of how we use an ancient Egyptian contribution today.

Reminder: sundial, papyrus, 365 day calendar, water clock

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Ancient Egypt: Contributions

by jncampbell


Public - 11/16/16, 6:30 PM