- This book fits into multiple  genres

 - Fiction, science fiction,  fantasy, action and adventure,  romance, and others.

 - The different genres that are  included can be seen  throughout the book.

 - There are parts of the book  where there is peace and  quite, creating a fantasy  feeling.

 - There are also parts that are  exciting, action packed, and  dangerous. 

 - No matter what part of the  book you are reading, it is  always very descriptive and  helps the reader understand  what is happening and how  the characters feel. 

 - This descriptive style lets the  reader immerse themselves in  the reading.

 - The story is told in first  person by a girl named  Katniss.

 - The first person view allows  readers to connect on a more  personal level with the  character.


- I would recommend this  book to 6th-8th graders


- There is some background  knowledge of vocabulary that  is needed to understand the  text. 


 - The Hunger Games is the  first book in a trilogy.


- Must start with this one  because they go in  chronological order. 

 - The author of this book is  Suzanne Collins. 

 - Born 1962

 - Hartford, Connecticut

 - Started as television writer  for children's shows. 

 - Wrote another series about  Gregor the Overlander.

 - Her Hunger Games series was turned into a set of motion pictures.

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