The Characteristics of Digitalization: Snapchat


Snapchat is an image messaging application that allows users to send temporary images, videos, and texts to others. With an estimated 150 million users, Snapchat has become a cultural phenomenon. With it's innovative ease of use, Snapchat has become a platform for users to communicate digitally with one another in a much more connected way than before. With the ability to instantly send a picture or video message to another person, or allowing others to view your collection through your "story," digital communication has reached a milestone in the age of information. The following slides will cover a few of the characteristics of digitalization that Snapchat has.

Digital Footprint

The prolific success of Snapchat lies in one of it's key features; the temporary nature of the media that is sent. A time limit is set on the viewing of the media, and then it disappears. With that being said, it doesn't mean that the use of Snapchat can't leave a digital footprint. One has the ability to save any image or video that is sent to him or her with the use of another application. This may seem like a small loophole that only a few take advantage of, but with the vast amount of saved Snapchat content that is able to be viewed on video uploading sites, it is quite evident that anything that goes on Snapchat is highly susceptible to leaving a digital footprint. There are thousands of Snapchat videos that get uploaded to YouTube that can be viewed by anyone. 

Death of Distance

The internet today has transformed into a powerful network that paved the way for global connectivity. With this new tool, distance is hardly ever an issue nowadays in regards to sending media. Snapchat is a great platform that exemplifies the death of distance in terms of communicating digitally. Users can now send pictures and videos in an instant to nearly anyone with an internet connection around the world. Through this instantaneous messaging, anyone can find out what is going on with their friends' lives through Snapchat. With on-the-fly picture and video sending, users can live directly through the eyes of their friends no matter the geographical location. 

Timeless Time

Snapchat is a prime example that highlights the ability to negate sequencing in regards to digital communication. A user can communicate in a synchronous manner by directly messaging with either texts or images back and forth with a friend in real time. A user can also communicate asynchronously by posting his or her daily images and videos to a public collection that can be viewed by friends at any time. This multifaceted ability to process information has allowed users to communicate in a way that makes time, timeless.

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