Ready ?

Mort aux dogmes.

I) Le Mindset du Growth hacker


Radicalité ou optimisation.


Changer et capitaliser.


Le hasard c'est pour les autres.

Choisir Le moment.

Une phobie de tous les instants.


Psychologique ou technique.

Automatiser ?

Trop tôt et c'est la mort.

Mais jusqu'où ?

II) Traction ou Growth ?

Telle est la question.

Le Growth Hacking ne transforme pas un poney en licorne.

Il vous faut le Product/Market fit.




Success is obvious.

Le Growth hacking peut vous y aider.

Vous l'avez ? C'est parti.

Growth is coming.

III) Apprendre des réussites (et des erreurs) des autres.

« Start with imitation and move to innovation ».


Des avis ?

IV) Le framework AARRR


C'est bien mais pas dans cet ordre.


(ma cohorte, oh oui)


(Rend les heureux)


(parlez de moi <3)


(Un canal ? quel canal ?)


(Gratuit ou payant, nous ne sommes pas tous égaux)

C'est à vous.

Bonus : Growth hacker un business physique

Experiment #1: Make sure that everyone in my social circle knows what I do, the address of the place (or at least between which stores we are) and its name. If the customer is coming from friends and family, we have a great topic of discussion to increase proximity, make him spend a good time (the friend of my friend is my friend) which should enhance retention in the future. Quite easy, it should not exceed 24 hours to run.

Experiment #2: Run highly targeted ads on Facebook for people who live in the location. Find a creative concept for the visuals (like piggy backing on Dan Bilzerian‘s fame) and offer a discount so that we track people.

Experiment #3: Buy a giant Chewbacca, make him a little goatee and put him in front of the store when I’m opened so that pedestrians notice me and customers talk about it. Your storefront is a marketing place like any other.

Experiment #4: Suck paying customers of dating websites by exporting their email address with Yahoo. Target them through a Facebook custom audience or interact through cold emailing. For the Sarumans among you, exploit the girl referral so that they come to the barbershop and become the best version of themselves. 

Experiment #5: Stand out from the crowd with Adwords campaigns and ensure that your ads are visible on Google Maps. Once again, to track these customers, we will have to ask them how they found us or to find a trick to make them schedule an appointment with a system like YouCanBookMe or Calendly. We will then optimize the machine on a weekly basis and use theKeyword Planner to explore new


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