My Favorite Planet

My personal favorite planet is jupiter.


Mass of jupiter

The mass of jupiter is a total of 

1.898 10^27 kg 


Earth total mass is 5.9736

10^24 kg

The size of jupiter

Jupiter is the size of 43,441

Earth is the size of 3,959

How long it takes to orbit sun

Jupiter take 11 earth years to orbit the sun

Earth takes 356 days for it to orbit the sun

How long it takes to rotate

Jupiter takes 9.97 hours to rotate

Earth takes 24 hours to rotate 

The temperature of Jupiter

Jupiters  temperature

  is 234 deggres Fahrenheit

The Earth is about 64 degrees Fahrenheit

Jupiters moons


Jupiters moons


Jupiters moons


Jupiters moons




Jupiter is one of the biggest planet in the solar system

Coldest and warmest temperature on Jupiter

The coldest jupiter has been was -145 degrees

The hottest jupiter has been 234 degrees 

Missions to jupiter

There has been four missions to jupiter 

Three of the were flybys and one of them were orbitersand entry probe


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