The amount of users are continuously increasing worldwidely. It is the app which was created and founded in Korea by Kim Bum-soo. Kakaotalk has initially promoted people to have free voice calls and messaging, but now it started offering the users much more services, not only instant messaging and calls, but also video calling, making a payment, playing gamess, etc. Most of Korean people are using this app to communicate and it now got rapidly been popular in Asian countries.

Digital footprint

Autosaved your messages, photos, videos, voice mails that you sent and the history of your calls’ durations, missed calls in the chatting room.

You also can find your own history of you've liked some articles, postings, and some social media contents.

Timeless time / Death of distance

Timeless time: You leave the messages the people in other countries also can check next day if it’s midnight sleeping time in the particular country. Even in time and location differences, it is possible to voice chat and video chat in personal and in group synchronously.

Death of distance: No matter where all are, once you have the access to this app, you will have messages and calls instantly.

Poly-directionality: Many to many, One to many, Many to one, and one to one

This app allows the users to create a chat room for personal talk or group talk. One to one, one to many, many to one, and many to many are all in in this system.

You can also announce people in the group chatting room which exemplifies one to many. Another example for many to one in this chatting room function specifically will be you can just see what others are chatting or talking or sharing about in the group chat room. 

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