Endyia life story!

Hi my name is Endyia Amonte Bush and  I am going to tell you about my life.

I am a pre-teen and I am 12 year old. I am African American i am also a female.

I have alot to say about myself. so lets get started

About Endyia

Endyia is my name I am 12 years young ,black young lady.I like to dance tumble do science cook ,sleep read when I am very bored and all kinds of fun thing like that I love cats but hats dogs yuckk! I live  with my mommy daddy an little sister.I go to null middle school .At school i am a cheerleader but dont think i will last long with my attitude. .lol at school I think I get along with all my teachers I love all m teachers expecially ms.Broussard  but theres more to my life so lets get started.

My family!

My family is only 4 people my mommy ,daddy,sister and me!my mommy a woman who work hard for he kids and  was a single mother for about 6 years when my daddy was gone . but she will do anything for me an my little sister. but when i come down to wen you need someone to talk to or need someing she will not be the one bc she will not understand she will take things to another leval. my daddy was gone for about 6 year and when he got out he was better and start working and all that good stuff he is nothing  like my mommy he will under what you are saying and will never ever hit,yell or scream at you .my sister she is a little girl she is 7 year young and she is the sweatest little person you will ever meat we aruger and fight but at the end of the day i would never trad her for nothing for the world.


My friends are just a copple of girls that I can trust.
My friends a girl that are classy and are no messy i hope we can turn up when it time and help each other when we need it the most and we are not selfish and not rude and mean. 


I go to null middle school .I am a cheerleader for my school I like it its okay I guess .I like all my teachers.my school have 3 floors it really big .lunch is good on thursdays when it hot wings day and on wendays in the morning when we can get a shothies it be really good .the classroom are a good size the work is really good.

Where do Endyia stay?

I stay in Houston Texas the long star state the best in the USA.now the house i stay in is a neberhood called bavaria townhome it is big an full of space.it is very ecpencive.It a well fit envirment it well clean and quite to live in and no really back people.

Thing that are important to Endyia

The most important thing to me is my little sister i love her to the moon and back .The reason she so important bc she is my whole sister my other sister are just half sister not that important.

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