",All right. You can ride Bramble, and if you like him, you can have him to keep. But you're not tu use your crop on hip. And you've got to come >now<.'"

",Okay, we'll ride them here. You take Bramble.'" 

"while Ruth seemed to get crosser and crosser with me, saying I was doing everything wrong"

Kathy: "she let me try her various other horses one by one, shouting all sorts of instructions.

*>< = kursiv

Which characteristics can you find out? p. 137

"I'd had this notion there were two quite seperate Ruths. There was one Ruth who was always trying to impress the veterans, who wouldn't hesitate to ignore me, Tommy, any of the others, if she thought we'd cramp her style." (l. 19 - 21, p. 137)

But the Ruth who sat beside me in my little attic room at the day's close, [...], and whatever happened through the day, I could just pick up with her we'd left off the last time we'd sat together like that." (l. 24 - 28)

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