The history of music videos


  • A new target audience for pop music
  • Films like "Rock around the clock"


  • First American video produced
  • Elvis Presley "Jailhouse rock" that's an example of Richard Dier's theory of star appeal.
  • It was a performance based music video


  • The Beatles film, "A Hard Day's Night" was released
  • It became a template for many music videos to follow
  • A film was a mix of songs, including sequences featuring jump cuts


  • By 1965, The Beatles started to change to promotional chips- "Filmed inserts" to sell records overseas


  • Queen made the first music video
  • It was 6 minutes long, it was considered as a risk to music producers
  • However, this was soon called a masterpiece and memorable for people who watched it on "Top of the Pops"
  • Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie, most expensive video ever made
  • Made in solarised colour. Filmed in multiple locations
  • Complex nature is seen as significant of music video


  • MTV was launched as a channel, showing only music videos
  • Originally it had less than 200 videos to play
  • Research confirmed that the appearnece of vidoes increased sale of record
  • "Video killed the radio star",the first video played
  • Michael Jakson "Thriller" was launched
  • Almost like a short film
  • Huge production budget, with 35 million couples bought
  • YouTube was founded and quickly became a major site for amateur and professional musicians to launch their own music
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