Applications for GP

I am doing a research on Google Play Store, Appbrain and I Tunes.


Let's see the results : 

Search results

               Browsing with AppliQuest 

- Automatically refined  proposals  based on the user's choice,

- The results are classified, 

- Games and wallpapers are available on request and do not mix with other results. 

Quelques données sur les App

- One and a half million applications ! 


- Users choose blind applications : 12 of 35 apps are never used,

- Find the best apps from the long tail (institutional apps are misclassified = no SEO effort),

- Results pages are saturated with games.

Search for useful applications remains tedious.

Who are we ? 

Alain Loisel et Rémi Dionisi 

Alain Loisel is research engineer in NLP and Rémi Dionisi is engineer Front and Back. 

Complementary and efficient team !

Next move


Multilingual version 

Integration of Big Data and Text Mining technologies

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