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India's largest selling doctor's magazine .

With over 6 years of experience and exposure we've cracked the art of capitalizing on this powerful resource.



HNIs among the medical sector will carry this card which will be automated with different offers running with you.

Doc+ magazine will also run an ad promoting the details of the offers/discounts which are automated to the DOCTORS PRIVILEGE CARD.

We help you tap into the niche sector of HNIs which reduces your per customer cost to a great extent.

Through this campaign we will promote the offers currently running with you  

It isn't about creating ads and having your TG passively watch. It’s about creating the tools so your audience take action.

Target audience 

  • Our readers are high net worth individuals across India like doctors, surgeons, healthcare officials and their families, relatives and friends.
  •  We have well educated readers with higher amount of disposable income which in turn leads to higher conversion rates of your ads.

Let's make this work.

We look forward to working with you to make

the most effective marketing campaign.

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