William Carlos Williams 

William Carlos Williams (September 17, 1883 – March 4, 1963), was a poet closely associated with modernism and imagism; he figures among the group of four major American poets born in the twelve-year period following 1874, including also Robert Frost, born in 1874; Wallace Stevens, born in 1879; and H.D. (doctor Doolittle), born in 1886. His work has a great affinity with painting, in which he had a lifelong interest.
In addition to his writing, Williams had a long career as a physician practicing both pediatrics and general medicine. He was affiliated with what was then known as Passaic General Hospital in Passaic, New Jersey, where he served as the hospital's chief of pediatrics from 1924 until his death. The hospital, which is now known as St. Mary's General Hospital, paid tribute to Williams with a memorial plaque that states "we walk the wards that Williams walked". (Rutherford Library)

Young Sycamore - Poem by William Carlos Williams


I must tell you

this young tree

whose round and firm trunk

between the wet

pavement and the gutter

(where water

is trickling) rises


into the air with

one undulant

thrust half its height-

and then

dividing and waning

sending out

young branches on

all sides-

hung with cocoons

it thins

till nothing is left of it

but two

eccentric knotted


bending forward

hornlike at the top 

Dawn - Poem by William Carlos Williams

Ecstatic bird songs pound

the hollow vastness of the sky

with metallic clinkings--

beating color up into it

at a far edge,--beating it, beating it

with rising, triumphant ardor,--

stirring it into warmth,

quickening in it a spreading change,--

bursting wildly against it as

dividing the horizon, a heavy sun

lifts himself--is lifted--

bit by bit above the edge

of things,--runs free at last

out into the open--!lumbering

glorified in full release upward--

songs cease. 

Election Day - by William Carlos Williams

Warm sun, quiet air

an old man sits

in the doorway of

a broken house--

boards for windows

plaster falling

from between the stones

and strokes the head

of a spotted dog 

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