John dalton

  • Born: September 6, 1766 in Eaglesfield, England
  • Died July 26, 1844 in Manchester, England


  • Was color blind
  • Came from a poor family
  • Began teaching at a school in his village at the age of 12
  • During his early career he studied Color Blindness or "daltonism"

Early Studies

  • Johns career started with an interest in math and science
  • He studied meteorology
  • His research on atmospheric pressure were later published

Law of Partial Pressure

  • • In 801 dalton formed the Law of Partial Pressure

    states the total pressure of a mixture of gasses in a space is equal to the sum of the pressure of each gas at the same temperature.


Law of Multiple Proportions

Daltons new discovery is the Law of Multiple Proportions. 

When two elements form more than one compound, the mass of one element in the compound for a fixed mass of other are in ratios of integers.

Dalton and his discoveries

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