what is it?

We are a startup providing energy storage systems for industries. The nuvola device has been designed in the power electronics labs of the  Arts&Métiers University in Lille, Francia.

To companies interested, we propose a free test drive.

solar self consumption

In many countries, injecting solar energy in the grid is no more economically rewarding.

A new business model is born: self consume, onsite, the photovoltaic energy produced on the roof.

economy + ecology

In some european countries (Italy, Switzerland, Germany...) photovoltaic energy is twice cheaper than if purchased from the grid!

Thus the interest to self-consume most of it.

how to best self-consume?

Storing energy is a solution (like for example Tesla's powerwall); but it requires a high investment and a long payback time.

However, for small and medium enterprises, a simpler and more economical solution exists!

the idea

One day, speaking with a forklift driver, I realised that often these machines are operational only a few hours a day...

the idea

...But below these vehicles sit very large batteries: for example one typical forklift battery could power up a floor of offices for an hour!

the new paradigm

...the rest of the time, these "batteries on wheels" are unused - and worse, they stay at low states of charge, which makes them age fast.

then why not using these batteries as solar energy storage?

in concrete terms...

For a small enterprise with photovoltaics on the roof, and owner of a forklift, it would be enough to have an "intelligent plug" that decides whether to charge or discharge the battery, depending on an algorithm which optimises solar self consumption... 

...and that's what we did!

that means:

    1. Reduce your electricity bill by 1000€/year (depending on the forklift type), and thus reduce payback time of the photovoltaic system.
    2. Have solar energy also after sunset, for a higher energy autonomy 
    3. Increase life of your lead-acid batteries, through a careful management of their state of charge

what's next

After several laboratory tests, and a patent...

test drive

...the device is ready for field tests in industrial context.

test drive

A free trial is proposed, lasting from 1/2 day to a few weeks, to show the potential of the solution.

Just connect it to a 3-phase plug: there is no need to intervene neither to the main low voltage board, nor the PV installation.

test drive

what is needed for the test drive:

  • a 48V forklift
  • a PV plant
  • and the will to power your enterprise via solar energy!

test drive

The test will allow us to:

  • verify the different uses in different contexts
  • have the operator's and owner's opinions on the benefits of the device

and for you...

The charger is tested and verified as per national regulations, and we guarantee the state of health of your battery for 30 days after the trial.

get in touch:


+33 6 32725334


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Nuvola - EN

by lucrossini


Public - 7/17/16, 2:26 PM