Digital Hub Project

#DDWSU -Hasan Abdul-Karim- @hasan_karim12 


  •  Current student and aspiring multi-media journalist
  •  Staff writer at The Guardian
  •  Interning at COX Media Group
  • Creating new content all the time. Average of  3-5 articles a week.


  • Utilizing original content as way to progress in my career field
  • Building up a following by finding and sharing relevant content to my audience.
  • Makeing a name for myself in my industry by establishing credibility early on

Short Term Goal

Use my social media profiles as a tool to get connected with Graduate Programs

Ultimate Goal

Become a super cool War Correspondent

Goals for this Project

In the next 6-12 months:

Linkedin- Increase connections by 150, get an average of 5 endorsements on each of my skills, and acquire recommendations

Facebook- Increase likes on page by 200

Twitter- Increase followers by 100

Tumblr- increase followers by 30 and generate  a higher percentage of blog repost

Pressfolios- increase viewership 

Content and Audience 

  • I will be posting my articles that are published online on a regular basis

  • I will also post other multi-media projects that I have worked on

  • I will post articles that feature my photographs

  • I will share content from a number of reputable news sites such as: The New York Times, Vice, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Forward, BBC, and Fox


  • Journalism Professionals

  • Peers, including co-workers and students

  • Industry Leaders

  • Professors and University Board Members

  • The General Public

Content Aggregators 

  • Hootsuite

  • Buffer

  • News360



Monitor and Tracking

Reputation and Management

  • Consistency is key
  • Post will be regularly scheduled following my content calendar
  • Sources of my post will be established and credible

  • I will try my best to check my bias
  • Content will come from wide array of sources representing a spectrum of ideologies and opinions
  • Comment sections of post will be routinely monitored 

Opportunities and Shortcomings 

  • Engage online with members of the journalistic community
  • Grow my presence as someone not only mindful of the media, but a multimedia content producer as well.

  • Getting out of my comfort zone
  • Time
  • Experience
  • It will take a lot of hard work to accomplish my goals


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