Punk Rock

By: Kali Mayville - Gratton

How does it affect mental health ?

We are the new religion 

This Music

This music may give you a vibe that makes you feel like someone is yelling at you or screaming. But once you start listening to it more you understand what they are getting at. What they feel when they are singing  this music.  


This kind of music helps you get through tough times .Depression is when you are almost always sad and under the weather.you are constantly putting  yourself down . I can really relate to this .This music has helped me through a lot. 

Example of GOOD music 

Here is an good example for punk rock.


New Study

A new study has been released .Metal core and every genre associated with this genre can positively influence listeners inspiring calmness instead of anger . 

Some punk rock bands. gd bmth ptv bvb 

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