iQDesk - Saas Engine for fast development

The Problem

Developing good SAAS
Systems take time.

Long time.

Each SAAS system has its own

special requriments that need to be

defined and answered.

iQDesk SAAS engine take care of

All the common things your SAAS need
so you can

focus on the difference

The Product - quite unique!

Everyone want to have

their own SAAS

We help professinals to

get one quickly

Pure beauty


Entrepreneur that want to have their own SAAS system

Developers who need to develop it Quick

No one does it...
We give great tools for developers

We sell ready made turnkey Saas for


So? what you do difference?

Our system is Smart.
Very Smart.

Sometime it is so smart

we even don't understand it 100%

The way modules interact with each other

And the way a module can affect another module

Are iQDesk weapon & proud

It is all about the Money

We want to be the leader for SAAS systems

sell turnkey system to entrepreneur

sell modules to developers

get income from second layer like SMS &

Credit Card trasnactions

The basic is Free

Download the framework

from our website

and start developing now

Buy turnkey SAAS from our shop and start your business

KPI - Strange word but we got it right



Mobile Apps


Assaf Scialom

Pedro Gorrin Diaz

Andrew Popov

Nira Scialom

in 18 months we want to

Have 50 SAAS systems running using

iQDesk SAAS engine

two years projected profit


Always do our best

We care about our engine

We care about our customers

Their success is ours
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